Great STEM event day

Yesterday we had the privilege of organising a Great STEM Event part of the British Science Week.

We had almost 20 external professionals from STEM coming to our school to conduct challenges, activities, raise awareness and stimulate curiosity to our lovely kids.

Some of the amazing things our kids got to experience were:

  • Student Formula car
  • Planetarium
  • 3D Printer activity
  • Visualising bacteria and algae using a microscope
  • Live testing of bacteria on mobile phones
  • Live Streaming of VR
  • Use of force plate to measure force during activities Sport, Physio and Health
  • Building bridges using Knex and much more

The overall feedback from our kids was phenomenal. Some of them do not own a playstation and got to play VR game. Some of them said no one in their family had a car and got to drive a formula car. Some of them were scared to try the VR and probably thought they would never do so, but gave it a go because of the positive vibes all around. They were over the moon.