Headteacher’s Half Term Letter

Dear Stretford Pupils, Parents & Carers,

Year 11 leave us on 28th May 2021. We will say goodbye to them with a heart that is full with pride in who they are and sadness that they must fly the nest so soon.  I know that they will do themselves, their families and their school proud whatever they do. They are Stretfordians!
As you know, we have given pupils and staff free choice regarding the wearing of masks in classrooms and social areas. I am very pleased to say that everyone has been very respectful of others’ choices and our children continue to conduct themselves very well.
However, we recognise that it has been a hard year for them. Movement around school has been very limited. KS3 lessons have mostly been static in one classroom and KS4 have had limited movement between the science and vocational blocks. We have assessed the conditions in school, weighed the risks and we believe that we are now at the point where we can loosen some of the restrictions we have had in place in school.
What is going to change?
  • > All pupils in Years 7-10 will now come to school from 8.15am -8.30am to start the day with their form tutor.
  • > All pupils will use the main school gates on Great Stone Road at the beginning and end of the school day.
  • > Years 7 & 8 will finish at the usual time of 2.55pm.
  • > Years 9 & 10 will finish at 3.00pm.
  • > Pupils in KS3 will still be taught in the form class bubbles BUT they will now be allowed to visit specialist classrooms for each subject area.
  • > Pupils in KS4 will still be taught in the classes they have been in so far this year BUT they will now be allowed to visit specialist classrooms for each subject area.
  • > Break times will remain in year group zones.
  • > Lunch times will change slightly:
    • Year 7 & 8 will have lunch at 12.05 as per usual. The canteen is split and  they will each have one half for their zoned use.
    • Year 9 lunch time will now move to the later slot of 12.50 and they will have use of one half of the canteen whilst Year 10 enjoy the use of the other half at their usual lunch time.
  • > On days on which pupils have PE, they will still come to school wearing their SHS PE kit.
  • > On days on which pupils do not have PE, they will come to school wearing their FULL SHS uniform -Blazer, white shirt, school tie, black/grey skirt or trousers, plain black leather (look) shoes with no sports logos. Hoodies are not part of our school uniform and should not be worn.
  • > Pupils will still maintain safe distances, sanitise regularly and, of course, uphold our school rules of Ready, Respect & Safe.
All pupils have been provided with enough tests to continue to test twice weekly over and beyond half term. Please remember to carry out these tests as per usual and email [email protected] to inform us of positive results. Please continue to be safe and well and abide by COVID rules and restrictions.
I wish you all a lovely half term break.
Take care,
Mrs Doward