Headteacher’s Letter – End of Half Term 1


Dear Friends,

We have had a wonderful start to the academic year and I thank you, as always, for your ongoing support and care. As you know, here at Stretford High, we are driving our mission for all pupils to ASPIRE – Achieve Academically, enjoy Success, be Professional in attitude, grow in Integrity & Respect and recognise that hard work and Endeavour are keys to achieving our goals.

School Rule: Safe. Being safe in the community is always very important but is particular so in the winter months. I urge parents, once again, to reinforce messages about being careful and staying safe.

  • Go out in pairs or groups
  • Do not engage in conversations with strangers
  • If approached by a stranger – they may be on foot or in a car – do not talk to them and move away quickly.
  • Never get into a car or van of someone you don’t know – even if they say they know you or your family, even if it is a woman.
  • If you ever feel afraid of an adult, makes lots of noise and run away.

Again, I understand that these are scary messages to pass on to your child but it is important that we help our children to stay safe at all times. I must tell you that there have been numerous reports of suspicious approaches to children in the local community, one involving one of our pupils. Please report anything suspicious to both the police and school.

This time of the year is also a dangerous time for accidents involving fireworks. I ask you to speak to your child(ren) about these dangers and to insist that they should not buy or use fireworks. We have had reports that fireworks are being sold illegally in the local community and we have also heard that these fireworks are unsafe as well as illegal. They must not take any chances.

School Rule: Ready.  We like to be prepared and ready for everything here at Stretford High – and that includes planning for those important family times during school holidays. To help you to make the most of these for next academic year, please find the calendar for 2018/19 below! As we do not sanction absences during school time for holidays, we ask you to use this calendar if booking holidays away with your family.

3rd & 4th September                    Staff Training Days – No School For Pupils

Wednesday 5th September             School Opens To Pupils For Academic Year 2018/19!

Friday 19th October                      End Of Half Term 1

Monday 29th October                    School Opens For Half Term 2

Friday 30th November                   School Closed For 1 Day

Friday 21st December                   End Of Half Term 2

Monday  7th January                     School Opens For Half Term 3

Friday 15th February                     End Of Half Term 3

Monday 25th February                   School Opens For Half Term 4

Friday 5th April                            End Of Half Term 4

Tuesday 23rd April                        School Opens For Half Term 5

Friday 24th May                            End Of Half Term 5

Monday 3rd June                          School Opens For Half Term 6

Monday 1st July                            School Closed For 1 Day for staff training

Tuesday 23rd July                         School Closes For Summer Holidays!


Whilst you have your calendar out, please also note the following key dates for this academic year, 2017/18:

Thursday 9th November                 Presentation Evening Class Of 2017 (Yr 11 Leavers)

Thursday 30th November               Year 11 Parents Evening

Friday 1st December                     School Closed for One day

Thursday 7th December                Year 10 Parents Evening

Monday January 8th                      School Opens For Half Term 3

Week Of 29th January                   Year 11 Reports

Thursday 8th February                  Year 9 Parents Evening & Options Event

Thursday 1st March                       Year 9 Core Subjects Parents Evening – School Closes At 2.10 pm

Friday 9th – Monday 12th March       Year 7 Trip To Rome

Thursday 29th March                     End Of Half Term 4

Monday 16th April                         School Opens For Half Term 5

Thursday 3rd May                         Year 7 & Year 8 Parents Evening – School Closes At 2.10 pm

Friday 25th May                            End Of Half Term 5

Monday 4th June                          School Opens For Half Term 6

Monday 25th June                        School closed to pupils – staff training

Thursday 5th July                         Year 6 Transition Day

Wednesday 18th July                     End Of Year Trips & Activities

Friday 20th July                           School Closes For Summer Holidays

Please also remember that whilst I am available to you on any of the above dates for in school events, you are always more than welcome to make an appointment to see me in school or to attend my Open Office on Wednesday 8th November, 3-6pm by appointment.  Please contact my PA Helen Adshead on 0161 876 1850 to do so.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and I wish you all a wonderful half term break.

Yours sincerely,

Nicola Doward
Head teacher