How Grades Will Be Awarded

We have had the confirmation that we have been waiting all year for – we now know how Year 11 GCSES (and Year 10 GCSE English Language) will be awarded grades at the end of this academic year!

The link below brings you to an article which explains the decisions in full – it’s a really interesting read.

How Grades Will be awarded

However, I know many of you will be anxious to hear the headlines so here they are:

  • > Grades will be awarded by your teachers  – they will not be put through an algorithm.
  • > Grades will be based on how well you have learned what has been able to be taught.
  • > Assessments will be provided by exam boards to help teachers assess how well you have learned particular topics or skills BUT they will be marked by your teachers.
  • > Teachers will be able to use all of the assessment information available to them to make their judgements – that means how well you have learned in the past, how you perform now and how well you are going to learn over the next few months.
  • > The exam boards will obviously check that the teachers and the school has awarded your grades fairly and that we have evidence to support those grades -the upcoming assessments which take place between the 1st to the 12th March are going to be a huge help in being able to do this.
  • > Teachers will be able to select the topics and units upon which they have been able to teach consistently to assess your progress in these areas – again, the assessments between the 1st to the 12th will really help with this.
  • > We do not have to submit your final grade until mid June so we have lots of time to do this.
  • > You will get your results on 12th August
  • > You will be able to appeal your result if you are not happy
  • > You will be able to sit your exams in November 2021 if you wish to do so.


This is excellent news as we now have a clear picture of how we can all work together so you can achieve your potential. You know that your school and your teachers are behind you. All you have to do is work hard and show us what you know. We will help you to plug the gaps and build a strong foundation so that you can move onto the next step in your education with a strong foundation in your learning.


We’ve got this!

Mrs Doward