What does ASPIRE mean!?
ASPIRE – Achieve Academically, enjoy Success, be Professional in attitude, grow in Integrity & Respect and recognise that hard work and Endeavour are keys to achieving our goals.’

  • No more ‘gifted and talented’- that doesn’t exist
  • Each and everyone of you in this room has a Gift or ability in a range of subjects
  • This is about recognising your potential and you aspiring to achieve your best
  • It’s about trying hard in a subject and being awarded
  • It’s about good learning behaviour


How and why?

  • Students that Aspire will receive a badge-subject recognition
  • Teachers and staff can see who you are (if they didn’t already know)
  • You can ask for more challenging work- complete Aspire tasks
  • Strive to do more and be motivated
  • Opportunities, rewards and trips for Aspire students


How do I become an Aspire Student?

  • Set goals for yourself, striving for self-improvement and excellence in your life
  • To ensure you are getting the most out of every single lesson in the classroom
  • Make sure you are working hard
  • Do Aspire Tasks in class
  • To make sure you see career opportunities you want to achieve are possible
  • To give you the chance to achieve your best
  • You have freedom to learn at your pace but you push yourself

Achieve Academically

Be Successful
Feel Successful




For Students
Learn well

Learn the skills and content needed to secure great GCSE outcomes
Enjoy learning

Use knowledge and skills to achieve potential
Be responsible for your learning & personal growth

Be aspirational – now and for the future
Help and support each other in learning & personal growth

Make a positive contribution to society
Recognise everyone’s right to learn & personal growth

Recognise own right to learn
Maximum effort in learning & personal growth

Be able to keep going even when something is really difficult – never give up
For Staff
Teach well: know your subject, know your kids and hone your craft

Teach the skills and content needed to secure great GCSE outcomes for pupils
Engage and enthuse pupils

Celebrate success at every opportunity
Be accountable for pupils’ learning & personal growth

Do things right
Help and support every child

Do the right thing
Support everyone’s right to learn & personal growth

Be a positive role model
Maximum effort in teaching

Never, ever give up on a child. Especially if they have given up on themselves