“Our overall attendance is 94.9%, comparing favourably against the national statistic of 94.0%, and this is a trend we fully intend to maintain.”


In the rare event your child is unable to attend school through illness or due to a medical appointment, we ask that you please contact the school directly to notify us of the absence.

When your son/daughter returns to school, please also ensure a letter or note is written in the planner; giving a reason for the absence, which should be handed to the Form Teacher.



  • Most children should routinely have attendance rates of 97% or more. This is the equivalent of 6 days absence a year. BUT 100% is achieved by many pupils every year in both primary and secondary schools.
  • 90% attendance may sound good. However, this is the equivalent of missing a half day of schooling EACH WEEK. If this continues over the five years a child spends at high school, a child with 90% attendance will miss HALF A YEAR’S schooling.  A child with 80% attendance will lose A FULL YEAR of schooling over the same period.
  • 80% attendance is the same as having a day off every week
  • If you take a two week holiday in term time your child’s attendance will automatically be reduced to less than 95% and this is without sickness.
  • A 2 week holiday each year in school means a total of 14 weeks teaching time missed – this could have a real impact on their basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Poor attendance has a direct link to attainment – the more school a child misses, the less likely they are to achieve good exam grades.
  • Good exam grades increase an individual’s earning potential. Pupils who leave school with 5 GCSE grade A’s will, over the course of their lifetime, earn on average £350,000 more than those that leave with 5 grade Cs.
  • Only 10% of persistent absentees achieve 5 A*- C grades at GCSE compared with 58% on non-absentees.
  • 21% of persistent absentees leave school with no qualifications at all.
  • Attendance is a key factor in your child achieving well at school. Pupils who miss lessons as a result of being taken on holiday during term time often never catch up on the work they miss, despite the effort made by their teachers, and this can have a direct effect on their GCSE grades, particularly in years 10 & 11.  We strongly urge all our parents and carers to think carefully before taking their child out of school for holidays and routine appointments.
  • Keeping children away from school for no good reason is a criminal offence

95- 100% attendance – Best chance of success – Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity.

90- 95% attendance – At least 2 weeks of learning missed. Your child may have to spend time catching up with work.

85- 90% attendance – At least 4 weeks of learning missed. Your child may be at risk of underachieving and may need extra support from you to catch up with work.

80- 85% attendance – At least 5 ½ weeks of learning missed. Your child’s poor attendance has a significant impact on learning.

Below 80% attendance = At least 7½ weeks of learning missed. Your child is missing out on a broad and balanced education. You are at risk of prosecution.

Article28 – Every child has the right to learn and go to school.