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Hospitality, Tourism and Sport

Are you thinking about your next steps? Have you considered a career in Hospitality, Tourism & Sport? Take a look at this link to find out more about these careers in Greater Manchester.

Helping young people make education and career choices

Is your child in year 10 or Year 11 and thinking about their work experience or next steps after school? Take a look at this link that might help you provide valuable support at home.

Explore your education and training choices

Whether you know where you’re heading or not, knowing about the different routes open to you is a great place to start. Take a look at this link to find out more.

Click here for: Catering and Hospitality Careers Guide

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Green Careers

If you’d like to make a difference in your job and help to tackle

climate change then a green career could be for you.

Many jobs can make a positive impact on the environment in different ways. Any career that helps the UK work towards net zero could be considered a green career.

Importance of green careers

The UK government aims to reach net zero in all sectors of the economy by 2050. Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gas we take out of the environment is the same as the amount we produce. You can read more about the Net Zero Strategy.

A green career lets you learn new skills in different industries whilst helping to protect the future of the planet.

Green careers that directly tackle climate change

Some careers directly tackle climate change. Here are a few examples of green careers and some of the ways they help the environment.

Smart meter installer

Smart meter installers fit meters in customers’ homes which help people to monitor and reduce the energy they use.

Recycling engagement officer

Recycling engagement officers run local recycling schemes and explain the benefits of recycling to the public.

Countryside ranger

Countryside rangers look after green spaces and can work on tree planting schemes to help reduce the effects of flooding.


Ecologists can help to restore environments such as woodlands for plants and animals.


Agronomists advise farmers on soil health and help to produce crops in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Heat pump engineer

Heat pump engineers install zero carbon heating and hot water systems in buildings.

You could research more careers that directly tackle climate change, working in areas like environment and land, science and engineering.

Green careers and employers in all industries

If a green career is important to you, you could look for opportunities with companies that care about the environment.

You can look on a company’s website to find out what they’re doing to become more sustainable.

There are also some careers that do not directly tackle climate change, but where you could still make a positive impact on the environment.

Here are a few jobs in different industries and some examples of ways they could help the environment. You can also explore more careers in all industries.

Business analyst

As a business analyst, you could suggest solutions that take into account environmental impact.

Robotics engineer

As a robotics engineer, you could design and build machines in the renewable energy sector.

Laboratory technician

As a laboratory technician, you could work with scientists to develop more energy efficient products.

Data scientist

As a data scientist, you could make sure to only store relevant data to reduce the amount of energy servers use.

Business project manager

As a business project manager, you could help businesses meet their sustainability targets.


As a biologist, you could find new ways to clean up soil, air and water pollution.

Green skills and qualifications

You’ll need different skills and qualifications for any green career.

Find a course

If you need to learn a new skill or get a qualification, you can find a course. You might be able to get a free qualification if you’re eligible.

Let’s Talk Careers

Careers Challenge for Parents/Carers & Students to discuss

your child’s chosen career:


Parental Guidance on Work Experience:



Meet our school Connexions careers advisor, Peter Lovatt. Peter comes into school two days a week and works with our pupils to give them impartial career advice and guidance. Your son or daughter in Year 10 & 11 will be given an individual and confidential meeting appointment with Peter to discuss their career aspirations and further educational pathways. If we feel that your son or daughter could benefit from a follow-up meeting, we will arrange this for them. Peter also works closely with our SENCO  to support the transition from school to further education for some of our more vulnerable pupils.

Peter is a highly trained career advisor who is supporting Stretford High School to ensure our young people reach their full potential. He will also be available for pupils, parents/cares to meet at KS4 parent evenings, Year 9 option meetings and results day.

Beyond school, Peter and the Connexions team have a wraparound duty of care to work with some of our Year 11 pupils during the summer holidays, supporting their transition to further education, a work placement or an apprenticeship.



At Stretford High School, our aim is to give our pupils the very best career support we can, so they are well informed and have a clear idea of the different further education and career pathways available to them. We use an outstanding career platform to guide them through their career education and college application process called ‘Unifrog’ This platform is continually kept up to date with information about different colleges, apprenticeships and Universities across Britain and the wider world.

At a click of a button our pupils can research hundreds of different jobs within a work sector and what qualifications are needed to access this carer pathway. They can watch videos and hear university students talking about what life is really like when you get to Uni and what they would recommend future students to do. There are videos on apprenticeships and other vocational training pathways.

Parents and pupils can access this platform, we introduce our pupils to this outstanding resource from year 7 and we are proud to be the second highest school user of the platform from across the country.

Once pupils leave Stretford High School, they keep their Unifrog account and can continue to use it at Sixth Form or College to support them with their next steps.

Useful Websites

Russell Group

Advice on the best subject choices for a wide range of university courses as well as advice if you are unsure of what to study after school and need to keep your options open.



The national site with useful information about apprenticeships and traineeships and how to apply, including current vacancies.


Growth Skills Company (Apprenticeships)

The school work closely with the Growth Skills Company who are one of the largest providers of work-based learning for young people and adults in the North West.

They offer a huge range of Apprenticeships, Traineeships and courses for people throughout their working lives. As well as practical training, they also offer a wide range of classroom-based courses designed to cater for all levels and all ages. For employers, they offer a free recruitment service for apprentices. We will advertise your vacancies, sift through applications, and arrange interviews.

They have a network of training centres across Greater Manchester and beyond specialising in helping young people who need additional support to get the skills they need.

There Apprenticeships are designed with progression in mind, so learners can move on to Advanced Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships and, in some occupations, on to higher education.

There higher education programmes in Business Management, Early Years and Childhood Studies and Education are validated by our university partners, the University of Bolton and Staffordshire University.



FutureLearnCareers, can help you find a career that matches your education and skills. Their ‘mission is to help everyone fulfil their potential in a changing world and explore which new job could be the right fit for them.’


National Careers Service

The website provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work


Classroom to Clinic

Interested in becoming a hero? Fancy a career in the world of medicine and healthcare? Check out Medical Mavericks Presents Classroom to Clinic: The Ultimate Guide To Help Ambitious Students Consider a Career In Health

30+ Powerful CV Tips and Advice


50+ Skills to Put on Your CV


How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job


Local Economy Poster Resources

What is LMI?  This stands for Labour Market Information and (for the sake of these resources) is data derived from the GM Economy regarding growth sectors in our area, skills that are both needed and prevalent in these sectors-  and a look at the expectation of both wages and opportunity among other points.

Why is this relevant?  It is important that as part of careers education students are familiar with the local economy (LMI) as this encompasses what their future opportunities could look like and can help guide on which sector they may feel suits them.