Exams Results Day 2020

Results day letter 2020


Examinations Timetables

Before and during public examinations students may also have important internal exams, subject specific deadlines for completion of coursework, and controlled assessments. This information will be provided to students by subject teachers throughout the academic year.

Contingency Day 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have been informed by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) who are the providers of regulations and examination practices across the UK that they are planning to hold an Exam Contingency Day on Wednesday 24th June 2020.

The GCSE/BTEC written examination window will run from Monday 11th May 2020 and students will be expected to be available up to and including Wednesday 24th June 2020. Students will not be expected to be in school that day unless they have a scheduled examination, however, they must be available and not away on holiday.

Information for students & parents/carers

We have attached an Examinations Handbook for your information at the bottom of the page. This outlines the procedures for examinations at Stretford High School. We advise you familiarise yourself with this information in preparation for any upcoming exams.

Mock Exams – March 2020


Summer Exam Timetable 2020


Exam Boards

You can view further examination board specific news and information below – this information is useful for both parents/carers and students.


Examination Subjects Summer 2020


Art & Design   8202 AQA AQA
English Language    8700 AQA AQA
English Literature  8702 AQA AQA
Geography    8035 AQA AQA
Mathematics  1MA1 Edexcel Edexcel
Physical Education    8582 AQA AQA
Computer Science    J276 OCR OCR
D & T          8552 AQA AQA
Psychology  J203 OCR OCR
French       8658 AQA AQA
Spanish      8698 AQA AQA
Urdu          8648 AQA AQA
Biology 8461 AQA AQA
Chemistry 8462 AQA AQA
Physics 8463 AQA AQA
Combined Science 8464 (Trilogy) AQA AQA
Business Studies  J204 OCR OCR
Religious Studies  8062 AQA AQA
Drama      1DR0 Edexcel Edexcel
Food Preparation and Nutrition C560P1 WJEC WJEC
Photography    8206 AQA AQA
History     1H10 Edexcel Edexcel
Music Eduqas Eduqas



Music Level 1-2 First Award Edexcel BTEC
Performing Arts (with a Dance approach) Level 1-2 Tech Award Edexcel BTEC
Engineering Level 1-2 Tech Award Edexcel BTEC


OCR Nationals

Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise & Marketing J819 OCR OCR
Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Certificate in Sports Science J812 OCR OCR

JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications)

We are required to conduct examinations and assessments for general qualifications in accordance with the JCQ regulations* and awarding bodies’ instructions. The school is regularly inspected (without prior notification) to ensure that these regulations are being implemented.

*The key JCQ documents for students (referred to by JCQ as ‘candidates‘) are shown below.


Our current Exam Policy can be found on our Policies page.