Independent Learning Assignments

Independent Learning at Stretford High School is an integral part of the curriculum which contributes to achieving good or better progress alongside high levels of engagement for all our students. We believe that independent Learning supports the development of skills and excellent habits which will enhance learning while at school and prepare students very well for future work and life.

Independent learning assignments (previously known as home learning) will be set on google classroom. 

Independent learning assignment themes

All Independent learning assignments (ILA’s) will be framed around one of the 4 themes below. This is so that students know the purpose of the task – Research shows that students do better on tasks when they understand why they are doing it. 

Google classroom

You can find more information on how to use google classroom HERE

Why are ILA’s important?

At Stretford High School, we believe that independent learning is a vital part of our students’ learning journey. Independent learning allows students to prepare for, consolidate, apply or enrich their learning. In addition, it plays a crucial role in supporting students on their journey to independence and the ability to self-regulate their own learning, We are growing metacognitive learners. 

This view is informed by research: 

  • The education endowment foundation found that independent learning assignments leads to an average of 5 months’ additional progress for secondary school students. 
  • Independent learning has a greater impact on secondary students. 
  • The education endowment foundation found that independent learning is more effective when students know its purpose (see below for how we have implemented this). 
  • Research shows that our brains have a ‘forgetting curve’. This means that we quickly forget new learning if it is not revisited. Independent learning assignments are an excellent opportunity for students to re-visit knowledge ensuring that this knowledge is retained. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I check what ILA’s my child has?

There are several ways that you can do this:

  1. Ask your child to show you there to do list on google classroom.
  2. Sign up for weekly guardian summaries from google classroom (invites to follow)
  3. Log into google classroom using your child’s log in details.
  • How often will my child be set ILA’s?

How will I know if my child does not complete an ILA?

If your child does not complete an ILA, their class teacher will give them an extension (second chance) and log this on Arbor. This will trigger an email informing you that your child has a ‘Late IL Assignment’ and that the work needs to be completed for the new deadline. Please discuss this with your child should this happen.

If your child does not complete this assignment after the second chance the teacher will set your child a detention to catch up on their missing work. They will also log this on Arbor and phone home to discuss. 

The full overview of next steps can be found here: ILA Consequence flow diagram

Where can my child get help with independent learning assignments?

Your child can ask their teacher if they need help with their ILA, they must do this before the  deadline so that the teacher has time to support them.

Students can use IT facilities in the library after School.