Guide to Progress Reports

The aim of this guide is to give you as parents/carers more detail about how we report on your child’s progress.


New Reporting style and new KS3 parent evenings

This year we have developed a new reporting style that will help our students build independence and encourage discussion at home. As well as the 3 data report sheets, a full tutor report is sent home between the last two assessment cycles. This will help students and parents understand what subjects or topics their son or daughter are doing well in and what subjects or topics they need to focus on to make progress before the final end of year assessment.

Students are expected to act upon advice sent home, using this template for making progress plan with their parent/carer. This template gives advice on how to access information, where to get support with homework and revision material.

The new reporting system is linked to the new style parent evenings for years 7 & 8, where the student is at the heart of the process; taking responsibility for their own learning and progress. Students and parents meet with the form tutor who discusses the academic and pastoral achievements and give advice on specific areas.

  • The parent evening appointments are focused on being student led and are based on the latest student report, where current issues will be identified, SMART targets set and achievements celebrated.
  • Students focus on progress, achievement and steps to improve. Students are encouraged to ask subject teachers about anything they are not sure about in the subject report; check with form tutors about their attendance, punctuality, behavior and merit data.



Every child is set an end of year target in each of their subjects. To set these targets we use lots of information, for example, your child’s new end of key Stage 2 scaled Score (between 80-130), Cognitive Ability Test scores (CATs) and internal baseline tests in all subjects and FFT targets. To help students focus on making progress students record their target grades on the front of their exercise book/folders for each subject. Every child has their own ‘flightpath’ target in each subject, to help show our students if they are on track to make good progress.


The targets set will challenge your child to make progress from their starting point. The targets are indicators as to where we expect your child to be at by the end of KS4. Our aim is for students to make good progress over the course of time at Stretford High School. Each termly report shows the current predicted grade based on recent classwork and on-going assessments and it is important to remember that there will not always be a change in current predicted grade from one report to the next. Where students are following new courses or are specialising for the first time your child’s current predicted grade may be lower than in other subjects. As always, departments will be regularly marking books, setting tests, homework tasks and extended tasks to track student progress. Students will receive regular feedback to ensure they know the next steps that they must take to progress.

New Levels

As you are probably aware, the government has recently announced radical changes to the structure and assessment of GCSEs, with one exam at the end of year 11 and no coursework for most subjects. We are moving away from the familiar system of A*-G grades to a new system of grading with numbers. In addition to the changes to the structure of the GCSEs, the government is also raising the expectation of the standard of GCSE that will be considered as ‘good pass’ from a C to a new grade 5.

In addition, the content that needs to be taught is a lot more rigorous and this change means that the old assessment system of levels is no longer applicable.

Therefore we use the 1-9 new grading system from Y7 to Y11 to help prepare our students with the new assessment approach.
Old GCSE gradeNumber equivalent


Progress and Behaviour indicators

On your child’s report you will see Progress and behaviour indicators that illustrate your child’s performance in lessons. You will also see a brief comment from their subject teacher.


P (Platinum) means their progress and behaviour is outstanding,

G (Green) means their progress and behaviour as expected in that area.

A (Amber) means their progress or behaviour has dipped.

R (Red) shows an area of concern that is affecting your child’s ability to succeed in this subject.


Supporting Your Child

 As a parent/career you can support your child by celebrating his/her progress, discussing any areas on the Progress Report that could be improved upon and identify any issues affecting your child’s progress. For students who need additional help to make progress there are a wide range of targeted intervention groups that run throughout the school day.

There has been a proven link between reading and attainment, encouraging your child to read regularly at home will impact positively on his/her progress. Liaison between home and school is also extremely valuable to support your child, so please check and sign your child’s student planner each week, inform school of any changes in circumstances which may affect your child’s progress and attend the annual parents’ evening to discuss your child’s attainment.


Please contact Mrs Kidd, Assistant Head Teacher, if you require any further information.

[email protected]