At Stretford High School our rewards system celebrates the achievements and successes of our students inside and outside the classroom. Our students are presented with opportunities to be recognised and praised for their achievements, progress, behaviour and attendance, as well as their individual and team contributions to the school.

A regular and fair rewards system is of paramount importance at Stretford High School, to not only celebrate our student’s successes, but to inspire and motivate others to achieve their very best.


EPraise User Guide

Throughout the whole school, we use points fairly and consistently to reward our pupils for a variety of achievements following our ‘Ready, Respect & Safe’ ethos, such as:

  • Ready to learn and engaged in learning
  • Excellent presentation of work
  • Exceptional class work or homework
  • Displaying outstanding effort in lesson
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • An act of kindness or generosity or emotional resilience
  • Demonstration of superb progress
  • Attending extra-curricular activities

Points are regularly monitored and celebrated by the Senior Leadership Team, the Year Team and Learning Tutors, allowing the school to provide instant recognition to students.

School Rewards Pyramid

As well as Epraise Points we have a plethora of rewards for our students to celebrate their success and achievements. Please our Rewards Pyramid below for more detail.