School Meals & Menu


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We love food and hope you will love what we provide for you at your school. Our friendly catering team always welcome the opportunity to talk with you and find out what you like and would like to see on our menus. Look out for our special offers and promotions throughout the year!  We are proud to say all our meals our nutritionally compliant with government regulations.

We embrace natural ingredients, love seasonal produce, and develop ethical trading with many of our suppliers. Our meat is all UK reared and we only use fish from sustainable sources wherever we can.

Our menus are refreshed every term to ensure we reflect the changing seasons and trends from the high street.
All your food will be freshly prepared on site by our team, so if you have a fantastic recipe you would like us to consider, come and talk to us!

We understand the importance of daily promotions, we are always thinking of ways to reward our customer.

As well as our varied weekly food menu (see above) we also have the following on offer:
First break Drinks
Bacon muffin £1.00 Suso (still & fizzy) £0.75
Bagel £0.60 Still Water (500ml)                   2 for £1    or £0.70
Cheese on toast £0.65 Calypso juice carton (200ml) £0.60
Toast £0.30 Juice burst (250ml)` £0.75
Pan au chocolate £0.85 Viva Milk Shake (200ml) £0.65
waffles £0.85 Juice shot couplet £0.35
Fruit bag £0.65 Calypso aqua Juice carton (185ml) £0.45
Jelly pouch £0.55 Milk £0.40
Fruit pot £0.65
whole fruit £0.30 Sandwiches
Basic sandwich £1.05
Standard sandwich £1.35
Extras Sub with meat £1.60
Tuna Pot £0.45 Sub with no meat £1.40
Cheese pot £0.38 Hot panini £1.65
Garlic bread £0.40 Soup & Basic sandwich £1.00
beans £0.45
gravy £0.20
Nachos £0.75
Main meals
soup £0.80 Salads
Jacket & tuna £1.30 Salad box vegetarian £1.25
Jacket £0.75 Salad box meat £1.65
Jacket & beans or Beans £1.20
Jacket beans & cheese     £1.65
Main meal £1.70
Meal deal £2.30 Homebake
pizza £0.90  Cakes / muffins £0.70
Pasta meal £1.65  Biscuits £0.40
Pasta & cheese £1.00
Please note we have a selection of Halal and non Halal meals on a daily basis

HALAL Certification

Beef exp 31.10.24

Poutlty Halal Certificate ex 04.03.24

Turkey Trentham exp 31.05.24

Get in touch
Please feel free to contact our friendly team. Our catering manager is called Matthew Rigby and will be happy to talk with you.

Tel : 0161 876 1850
Email: [email protected]