The Library ( Learning Resource Centre)

The Stretford High Library is open to students from 8:15-8.30 am every morning, at break and lunch times, and from the end of the school day until 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

In the Library, you’ll find Miss Hodge, Stretford High’s resident librarian, who is available to help with any book/literacy-related queries, Miss Edwards, the school Careers Lead, and – on Wednesdays and Thursdays – Mr Lovatt, our Connexions advisor. Additionally, this term, we have a brand-new team of students starting as library prefects.

The Library is a welcoming, inclusive place at the centre of the school, in which all students can borrow books, study and revise, use the computers to complete their homework, and engage with any of the weekly activities that are on in the space.

Here in the Library, we’re committed to promoting literacy on a school-wide level, to helping every student discover their new favourite book and continue/begin reading for pleasure, and to maintaining the Library as a safe space in which all students can be themselves and feel represented in the stories they find on the shelves.