The Library

Stretford High Library is your place to come for anything and everything book related! We’re open from 8a.m – 4pm daily, and our Librarian is Miss Winn.

The Library is a friendly and inclusive place that’s always popular before school and at break and lunch times, with people swapping or reserving books, and completing homework. If you can’t find a book that you’re after, come and ask Miss Winn. If we don’t have it, there’s a good chance we can buy it for the Library.

During breaks and Key Stage 3 lunch, the Library desk is staffed by Library Prefects from Year 9. If you’re interested in becoming a Library Prefect, make sure you complete an application form at the end of Year 8 when they’re available. All of our Library Prefects embody the Stretford High School RESPECT ethos and are role models for the school.

Key Stage 4 lunch sees the Library become a quiet place perfect for revising for GCSEs and completing homework or coursework. To attend the Library during Key Stage 4 lunch, you must obtain a daily lunch pass from Miss Winn before that lunch. Pop down to the Library before or after school or during break to grab a pass.

The Library is fully committed to promoting reading for pleasure, helping students discover and develop reading tastes and habits, as well as encouraging independent learning amongst all pupils. We have a range of resources available including desktop PCs and iPads, as well as a collection of fiction and nonfiction stock that is constantly expanding with new books.

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  • Pleasant reading and learning environment for independent study or small groups and classes
  • Reading rewards, certificates and competitions
  • Book loans contribute towards the House competition
  • Revision guides, dictionaries and encyclopedias to support learning
  • Computers and iPads with internet access
  • Homework support
  • Library events
  • Author and Poet visits

Book Loans
Students can borrow up to 3 books for 2 weeks.
Books are to be returned directly to the Miss Winn or the Library Prefect team, or renewed if not finished with.
Email reminders will be sent for the first 3 weeks of a book being overdue and then a final reminder asking for the price of the book(s) will be send home, as we will assume the resource has been lost. Brand new copies of lost or damaged books are accepted as replacements, but imperfect copies will not be accepted.

Scholastic Reading Pro

Stretford High School runs Scholastic Reading Pro, a reading programme that that encourages students to improve their reading ages and promotes reading for pleasure. English lesson time is also used to visit the library once a week for students to take part in the Scholastic Reading Pro programme. English teachers will also set a reading homework once a week as part of the Scholastic Reading Pro programme. Students are tested with internationally used software to discover their lexile, and will then be matched to books in the Library within their lexile range. Students choose books from their personal recommended reading lists, check them out of the Library and then quiz on them once they’ve finished.

Logging into Scholastic Reading Pro:
Use the link above to navigate to the Scholastic Reading Pro website. This should take you straight to Stretford High School’s Scholastic log-in portal.

Enter your username – this is the student number you use for your email and to log onto the PCs, but it will start with a 9.
For example, if your student number is 01234, your Scholastic username will be 91234.

Enter your password
This is the same for everyone, and is Password1. Don’t forget to use the uppercase P at the start.
If you’re having trouble logging into Scholastic Reading Pro, speak to Miss Winn.

What’s A Lexile?
A lexile is the score you get based on your reading ability. Books are also scored with lexils, and the aim is to be reading books that are around the same lexile as you to help you increase your score and become a more able reader.
The table underneath shows you the national average lexiles for pupils your age. We want you to be aiming for Basic as a minimum. Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet! The best way to increase your lexile is to read more, and that’s just what the Library is here to help you do.

How does it work?
Reading has been proved over and over again to have so many benefits, including helping you to de-stress and making you more intelligent without you even realising. Increasing your lexile in English will have a whole-school impact; you’ll see your ability to concentrate increase, which will help with revision, you’ll see your results improve in tests and your exam results will be higher.

To keep you on track with your reading, you’re awarded certificates based on how many points you earn through quizzing:

If you earn 1000 points, you’ll earn the rare Platinum certificate, which comes with a £10 National Book Token!