Letter from Mrs N Doward – End of Academic Year 2018-19

16th July 2019

Dear Friends,

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your support and generosity this academic year. We have had a wonderful year and achieved so much as a school community. As you know, here at Stretford High, we are driving our mission for all pupils to ASPIRE – Achieve Academically, enjoy Success, be Professional in attitude, grow in Integrity & Respect and recognise that hard work and Endeavour are keys to achieving our goals. We want everyone in our community to live their best lives in a world that we are making better.

Year 11 2019

We said a fond farewell to Year 11 Class of 2019. I thank pupils, parents & staff who worked hard to secure best grades for GCSE and we are looking forward to the fruits of that labour on results day, Thursday 22nd August. Year 11 are invited to collect their results from school from 9.30 till 11.00am on the day or between 10am -3pm each day the following week.

Year 10 English Language Results

Year 10 are welcome to collect their English Language GCSE results from 11am till 12.30PM on Thursday 22nd August.

Year 7 2019 -2024

I am delighted to share that once again our Year 7 has been oversubscribed and we have 191 pupils joining us in September. All of the pupils impressed us on transition day and we are looking forward to seeing you all on September 4th.  The day for Year 7 begins at 8.30am.

Arrangements for Wednesday 4th September

The new academic year will begin for pupils on Wednesday 4th September at the following times

  • Year 7 15 am arrival for 8.30 am start
  • Year 11 15 am arrival for 8.30 am start
  • Years 8, 9 & 10 15 am arrival for 9.30 am start               

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on time, in full school uniform and with the right equipment – School Rule Number 1: Ready to Learn.

I would like to draw parents/carers attention to a key date to put in your diary if your child is in Years 10 or 11:     Thursday 5th September, 6.00 PM. There will be an information evening for parents/carers which focuses on how you can support your child in preparation for their GCSE exams for the core subjects of English, Maths & Science. We will also be launching our new and exciting study skills programme which will be provided by Elevate Education. One of their presenters will be joining us to tell you all about the programme and how it will benefit your child and help them to achieve their full potential! We look forward to seeing you there!

School Rule: Ready.  As you are aware, our aspiration is for every child to have 100% attendance unless a medical condition prevents them. Our attendance policy is on our school website for your information. We also know how important family times and holidays are. To help you to make the most of these, please find the calendar for 2019/20 below! As we do not sanction absences during school time for holidays, we ask you to use this calendar if booking holidays away with your family.


School Calendar 2019/20

2nd & 3rd September                    Staff Training Days – No School for Pupils

Wednesday 4th September             School Opens To Pupils For Academic Year 2019/20!

Friday 18th October                      End Of Half Term 1

Monday 28th October                    School Opens For Half Term 2

Friday 29th November                  School Closed For 1 Day

Friday 20th December                   End Of Half Term 2

Monday  6th January                     School Opens For Half Term 3

Friday 7th February                       End Of Half Term 3

Monday 17th February                   School Opens For Half Term 4

Friday 27th March                         End Of Half Term 4

Tuesday 14th April                       School Opens For Half Term 5

Friday 22nd May                            End Of Half Term 5

Monday 1st June                         School Opens For Half Term 6

Friday 26th & Monday 29th June      School Closed For 2 Days for staff training

Tuesday 21st July                        School Closes For Summer Holidays!


We like listen to our pupils’ views and as a result of some very well presented requests, we have made some changes to our School Uniform policy. The new policy is available to view on our website, alongside an overview of expectations. However, I would like to reiterate some key messages for September:

  • Outdoor coats are encouraged as long as they are not worn inside the classrooms or canteen. Hoodies are banned and should not be worn at any time.
  • Loose fitting/pleated school skirts may be worn in either black or grey and should be no shorter than just above the knee.
  • School shoes should be plain black shoes – trainers or shoes with markings are not allowed.
  • One small pair of stud earrings are acceptable – multiple or facial piercings are not allowed. Please do not allow pupils to return to school with a new piercing as they will have to remove it.
  • Mobile devices (phones, tablets, earphones etc) are banned. They may be brought to school but must be turned off and not used whilst on school premises.
  • All pupils should be equipped with a school bag, pencil case, pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener. A school jotter will be provided on the 4th

School Rule Number 2: Respect .  It is with great respect & appreciation that we say goodbye to some of the staff who have helped us over the course of the year(s) and are now moving on. On Tuesday 23rd July, we say a fond farewell to:

  1. Adam Cooke, geography hero, is taking up a post at the University of Manchester in a new venture.
  2. Adam Sunderland, teacher of Science, is moving to London to work at a PRU in Islington. Good luck!
  3. Daniel Kelsall, TA1, leaves us to start his training to become a teacher. Good luck, Daniel!
  4. Emily Knowles Jones is taking up a post in Sedbergh Boarding School.
  5. Katherine Fletcher, Head of MFL, is also taking up a post at the University of Manchester in a new venture.
  6. Kim Pixton has been a member of our Stretford family for 20 years and a wonderful teacher of Science and previous Head of Department. Mrs Pixton is moving to Samuel Laycock Special School.
  7. Melissa Fraser, MFL teacher, having had her second baby, has decided to move back closer to home to enjoy being a mummy full time!
  8. Paula Howarth, English teacher, having returned to us for a short time following having her beautiful baby, is now moving to closer to home to get the most of her mummy time!
  9. Rebecca Powel, teacher of English, joined us in September for a short time and is moving to Blessed John Henry Newman RC College to teach English.
  10. Sukey Scorer, English teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, returns back home to London to take up a position the Civil Service. We wish her well.
  11. Tom Neilson was with us for a short time as a TA4 and is now moving to Blessed Thomas Holford as a History teacher.
  12. Tom Atherton, Science Technician, leaves us to start his training to become a teacher. Good luck, Tom!

We are looking forward to a number of staff joining us in September:

  1. Leor Holtzman Foster & Kelly Midgley will join the English department
  2. Usman Ahmad will join the Maths department
  3. Sheema Sidat & Amy Vose will join the Humanities department
  4. Sara Khan & Abdulbasit Abubakar will join the Science department
  5. Guadalupe Pulido Casas & Callum Webb will join the Modern Foreign Languages department
  6. Ellen Donovan, Tonisha Haseldine & Rachel Greenwood join the teams for educational & pastoral support
  7. Graham Wallsworth joins the Technician team

I am delighted to report that we are fully staffed for September 2019.

School Rule Number 3: Safe. Being safe in and outside school is always very important. Please remember our school rule for those pupils who choose to travel to school by bike MUST wear a bike helmet. Thank you to all the parents and carers who supported this rule, introduced this academic year.

I would like to finish the year by congratulating the pupil led team who research, write and design our school newspaper, The Chronicle, which has won first prize in the national First News Secondary Newspaper of the Year Award. You will find all editions of The Chronicle on our school website and I thoroughly recommend that you have a read!

Lastly, should any parent have a query or concern about anything, you are always more than welcome to make an appointment to see me in school in September.  Please contact my PA Helen Adshead on 0161 876 1850 to do so.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and I wish you all a wonderful summer break.

Yours sincerely,


Nicola Doward
Head teacher