Resources for Parents/Carers

Many adults struggle to know how best to help their young people (and themselves!) be healthy, safe and successful while still engaging with friends and the wider world on social media and via their screens. We are bombarded with negative headlines and scare stories about this, some of which are contradictory and some of which are based on nothing more than supposition or tiny studies not reflecting the real world. It can be hard to know what we should really worry about, and how much, and how to protect against any genuine risks.

Expert Nicola Morgan has put together this free advice for you, based on best evidence and on her existing wide knowledge of the subject.


Many parents ask about young people taking and sharing revealing pics of themselves.

In this article, Think U Know answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions with the best advice on keeping children safe.


Stretford High School follows the guidance of Department for Education regarding the safety of our pupils. This guidance has now been translated into 10 community languages. The following link will direct you these translations.