Trips, Extra-Curriculum & Fixtures

Extra-Curricular Timetable

In order to participate in the extracurricular clubs we are running this year we expect:

* Anyone attending the clubs to wear full PE kit

* Anyone staying behind within the PE department for these clubs will be participating

* All rules set by the club leaders will be adhered to

* Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the site.

(List Subject to Change)

Faculty Activity Already Running Day and times of the Extracurricular activity running Extracurricular Activity planned later this year
ENGLISH Lit Fest KS4 Alternating Tuesday for Yr 10/11
MATHS Numeracy/ Maths Council Every 2 weeks Gardening Club (KS3 & 4) Thursday 2.55-3.45
Lego Robots National League UKMT Twice per HT (can vary) invitation only Every 2 weeks Yr 9 invitation only
Other National Comps tbc Maths Coach (Yr 9 & 10) TBC based on KS3 intervention
ART KS3 Art Club Every Tuesday 3-4pm
KS4 Art CLub Every Thursday 3-4pm
DRAMA Whole School Production Every Thursday 3-4.15pm
MUSIC Open rehearsal in Music for KS3 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday break time
Drumming Group Afterschool Tuesday
Keyboard Group Afterschool Wednesday
Choir/Show rehearsal Afterschool Thursday
Pit band rehearsal Afterschool Thursday
Year 10 and 11 Concert preparation Wednesday
Drum Kit Lessons Tuesday (During School)
Keyboard Lessons Wednesday (During School)
Singing Lessons Thursday (During School)
Guitar/Bass Lessons TBC
PE Cricket (MFi) Monday 2-10 – 3pm
Football (OMo/CMc)
Netball (GRo)
Dance KS4 (KGo)
Gym (MRi) Monday 2.10-3pm Trafford 3-4pm
Basketball (OMo) Monday 3-4pm
Football (OMo) KS3 and KS4 Lunch (Tuesday)
Dance KS3 (KGo Tuesday 3-4pm
Y8 Football (OMO)
Fitness Training (PBA)
Gym (CMC)
Table Tennis (SBE)
Football (OMo) KS3 Lunch (Wednesday)
Girl’s football (Otto) Wednesday 3-4pm
Netball Y9 (GRO)
Gym (CMC)
Football KS4 Lunch (Thursday)
Football Y10 (OMO) Thursday 3-4pm
Handball (MFI)
Football Y7 (SSI)
Gym (CMC)
KS4 Football (Otto) Friday 3-4pm
EE D of E Training Every Monday and Thursday 3-4pm
SEND Homework club Monday and Thursday 3-4pm
Lunchclub KS3 & 4 – board games KS3 Lunch
Humanities History Club Starting October, Once a term
Debate Mate
Movie night
Psychology club TBC
Vocational STEAM started in September Tuesdays 3-4pm Will be for 2 years
iDEA Duke of York Bronze Award (Year 8 and Year 9) Independently at home throughout the year
Programming intervention drop in (KS4) Tuesdays 3-4pm 1 year for Bronze (will launch Silver award for Year 9s next year)
Library Homework Club Every Monday 2.10-3pm and Thursday 3-4pm
Newspaper Club (Mr Lee) Monday 2.10-3pm
Book, buddy and Biscuit Tuesday after school
Manga Club Friday after school
HUB LGBT Club Fortnightly 3-3.45pm
Cookery Club Invite only
Young Carers Club Once a month
School Council Meeting Every Wednesday Morning
EAL Drop in After school every day (Invite only)
International Lunch Club One per half term
Coffee Morning for Parents

Proposed Residential Trips

Letter to Parents: SHS Residential 2019

Residential Trip Timetable