Notice to All Pupils & Parents: Please Be Careful When Travelling

We want to make pupils & parents aware of a dangerous incident which happened in the community on 10th January 2019.
  • A pupil was travelling home from the Manchester City game on the tram.
  • He was separated from his brother during movement at stops but was still within eye line.
  • At the Stretford Stop, a male grabbed the pupil’s arm and pulled him with him whilst walking away.
  • Brother noticed what was happening and intervened.
  • The male ran away.
  • The incident has been reported to the Police and they are investigating.
  • The pupil is shaken but unharmed.
 Parents – please speak to your children about staying safe in the community. Some top tips are:
  • Please make every effort to travel with a family member or friend.
  • If someone approaches or pulls you, run away, make noise and seek help.
  • Report all incidents to the police.