At Stretford High School we use Arbor as our parental app. 

Arbor brings together parental communication, payments, trips, care points, behaviour logs and more. It’s your first port of call for information about your child. 

If you’re new to Arbor please take a look at this leaflet (please attach

You can find help and support from Arbor here (please link

If you require any support please email [email protected]


Your Homepage Dashboard 

The dashboard is the first screen that you will see. This gives a quick glance of the student’s daily timetable, behaviour points, meals, notices, current attendance and progress.

You can see your in-app messages by clicking this button under your child’s photo.



You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the school’s logo or choosing Dashboard from any menu. On the homepage you’ll also see sections for:

  • Statistics – This shows information about the student’s attendance, behaviour and progress statistics for the current term.   
  • Guardian consultations – The Guardian Consultations section allows guardians to book time for Parents Evening meetings by selecting one of the available slots as per the School’s setup.
  • AccountsThe Accounts section loads the student’s current Meals and other top-up account balances.
  • Trips – Sign your child up for trips.
  • Clubs – Sign up to standard clubs or Breakfast and After School clubs.
  • School Shop – Make purchases for items.

Student Profile

Access your child’s profile by clicking the View Student Profile button on your homepage.

This allows you to see basic information about your child, and highlights any unread notices or actions needing to be completed. You will be able to amend details such as your contact details, medical information, consents, and so on.

From here you can access more areas of their profile for:

  • Calendar and Timetable
  • Attendance – The summary page shows statistics and recent attendance for the academic year as shown. The Attendance By Date page is a breakdown of the student’s attendance, day by day with the mark.
  • Behaviour – View the positive and negative behaviour points given as well as any comments that may have been written about the instances.
  • Report cards – All the report cards that your school has published for your child will be available here.
  • Progress – You can view your child’s current grades here.
  • Examinations – In this section, you can view and download the student’s Exams timetable for the current year. 
  • Payments – Manage your outstanding payments.