Dear Parents/Carers


We have been listening to your feedback around the number of apps / platforms we are asking you to use. Currently we are asking you to access:


  • MyEd for messages and to see negative behaviour
  • ParentPay to make payments
  • E-Praise for positive behaviour points
  • Parent booking system to book parents evening appointments
  • Google classroom for Home Learning


I am delighted to announce that we will be replacing all of these systems with one brand new system: Arbor.


From Monday 27th February 2023 (after half term break) we will be replacing all of the systems above. Until this date we will continue to use MyEd, Parent pay and E-Praise.


In this interim period all notifications around C3 reflections / late detentions will be sent via email and not MyEd message.


Adopting Arbor will allow us to communicate with you more efficiently and bring all core school data and workflows into one system.

We are really looking forward to getting started with Arbor and invite all our parents to familiarise themselves using the link below.


I have also attached a leaflet from Arbor:- Parent Portal and Arbor App leaflet


We will send further communication on the parental app and how to register next week, please look out for this information and register your child when prompted.


We hope you are looking forward to using this new system as much as we are!


Mr D Moloney

Assistant Head