Parent Governor Applications Open

The Governors are keen to hear from any parents/carers who would be interested in joining the Board as a Parent Governor.

Please contact Chair of Governors, Mrs Counsell [email protected] or the Head’s PA Ms Adshead [email protected] / 0161 786 1850 ext 7306 to discuss this informally if you are interested.

The role of Governor is an interesting, rewarding and worthwhile one.  The Board of Governors provides strategic direction and leadership in addition to ensuring robust accountability, oversight and assurance for the School’s educational and financial performance.  They do not manage the School, rather they agree aims and objectives then monitor performance and progress towards the School’s agreed aims.

Governors must act with integrity, honesty and objectivity.  They must also have a passion for the outcomes of the School’s students and for the School’s continuous improvement.

Governors must be available to attend meetings (approximately 6 per year), maintain confidentiality, be committed to training for the role and be available to make visits to School in a formal capacity.

Parent Governors also play a vital role in ensuring that the School is connected with the views of parents and the local community.

Further information can be found on the website of the School’s governor services partner, Trust GS;