Safety in the Community

Dear Stretford,
We all know our school rules – READY – RESPECT – SAFE.
I want to remind you all that the SAFE rule is not just about being safe in school. It is also about being safe in the community.
Being safe in the community is really all about using our common sense. Some tips for you:
  • walk to and from school with your friends
  • don’t talk to strangers
  • don’t get into cars/vans with people you don’t know – even if they say they know you or your family
  • don’t hang about in parks etc.
  • don’t get involved in dangerous or antisocial behavior
  • don’t do anything in the community that makes others feel unsafe
Often, our common sense will tell us if something or someone doesn’t ‘feel right’. Trust that instinct. At these times be sure to run away, go into a local shop or business and ask for help. Call the police. Always report anything suspicious or anything that didn’t ‘feel right’ to adults at home AND in school. It is our job to look after you.
Talk about these tips with your friends, adults at home and adults in school.
My mother used to say it is better to be safe, than sorry. She was a wise woman!
Take care of yourselves and each other.
Mrs Doward