Trafford Basketball Champions!

The boys (and others who couldn’t come tonight) in the picture have played all season in the Trafford Basketball League. They haven’t lost a game yet.
They attended Altrincham Boys Grammar School tonight to play in the final of the Trafford League, facing a very tall and well structured Alty Boys team.
The team was chasing the lead all game and with 4 minutes to go, they were 9 points down. At this point, they could have given up. They could have admitted defeat. But that’s not the Stretford Way. They dug in, pushed themselves and won the game by 1!
I normally only share the results of games with the relevant year group but this is something everyone should know…
We are Trafford Basketball Champions!
The boys involved in this team are something to aspire towards. They commit to training EVERY week, work together and work hard! And that is why they are Champions!