Update on Year 11s…to work or not to work? …that is the question

Dear parent/guardian,

I hope you are safe, healthy, and trying your best to adjust to all the changes going on in the world. I appreciate this may be a lengthy email, but I would encourage you to read it carefully as it has some important information regarding your child’s GCSEs. 

Many of you will have heard reports in the news and media about how GCSE grades will be determined this year. I think it is important to clarify what we currently know as a school, as it may answer some of your questions. 

To help determine grades, teachers will be asked to submit an estimated grade. In addition to this, the process of determining the actual grade will also involve the following considerations:

  • The government and exam boards are yet to decide on a process which will calculate a grade for each student which reflects their performance as fairly as possible
  • This ‘calculation’ will factor in teachers’ estimated grades, and is also likely to include other information such as previous mock exam results and prior attainment
  • We are awaiting further details of this process – the government and exam boards will be working together to determine the best approach over the coming weeks
  • We hope students will be able to find out their grades towards the end of July

With this in mind, please can I call on your support with the following:

1. Refrain from asking teachers about the estimated grades

Please can you encourage your child to not ask their teachers for estimated grades, this is partly because estimating student grades isn’t a decision which should be rushed into – all teachers will want to consider this carefully. However, please do encourage your child to show their teacher the grade they think they deserve by completing all the work the teacher has asked them to do. All of this work will be used as evidence when teachers make their judgement.

2. Please continue with your studies

I would actively encourage your child to continue studying over the coming weeks. The government has indicated that they will have the opportunity to complete some exams, possibly in the autumn or June 2021, if they are not happy with the grades they are awarded this summer. As they are unlikely to receive these grades until July, it is important for them to continue with their learning at this time. This is to help prepare for any exams they choose to complete in the future, and will also keep them on top form ready for the next steps in their education.

3. Learning is not just about exams, learning is for life

Learning is not just about exams, learning is for life. Over the past five years, your child have dedicated so much time and effort to their subjects, please can you encourage your child to finish learning the content of their GCSE courses. After all, they will require this knowledge/skills for their respective higher education pathways. Please remind your child to keep in touch with their teachers and ask for any additional resources or questions which can help them showcase the grade they feel they deserve.


Please remind your child to continue to work on all of their subjects, regularly check emails & class charts/google classroom and submit their work for marking when asked to do so by their teachers.

I know that this situation regarding exams has been unexpected for all of us. Please be reassured though that we will provide you with any updated information at the earliest opportunity.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know.
Kind regards,
Stretford High School