Whole-School Reading Competition

Dear Parent/Carer,

Stretford High School is launching a whole-school reading competition to encourage reading for pleasure, resilience and reading outside of comfort zones. Participation in this competition is free for all pupils and will see students who take part, grow their vocabulary and increase their concentration skills. Furthermore, reading is a great source of wellbeing for children and young people.

Pupils are encouraged to borrow from Stretford High School Library and read two books per genre, from a selection of eleven genres, to earn a badge to display on their blazer. Students will also need to complete one review per book, read on our Library Catalogue, to prove they’re reading the books they are borrowing.

Feel free to browse our Library Catalogue without logging in by accessing the link below:



Ways you can help and encourage your child:

  • > Encourage your child to enter!

  • > Take part yourself

  • > Talk to your child about the books they’ve read, the genre they’ve most enjoyed and how they choose their books

  • > Visit your local Library with your child and take part too!

  • > Be a visible Reading Role Model and read with your child


We can’t wait to see students proudly displaying their achievements in reading!