Why Choose Stretford High School

Please read the winning entry of the Headteacher’s Essay Competition on the subject of ‘Why choose Stretford High School’, written by Faheema in year 11.

It forms the basis of a piece that will be in the Messenger newspaper’s Education supplement this week.

Congratulations Faheema!

Why Choose Stretford High School by Faheema (Year 11)

As I approach my last few months at Stretford High School I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why you should choose Stretford High School. My time at Stretford High School has been an experience I will never forget and I have been afforded so many opportunities that have allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I have made lifelong friends, been on amazing and insightful trips and learnt how to express myself. My time at Stretford High School has allowed me to transform from a young girl into a strong-willed, mature and hardworking young adult.

Students are offered a great variety of exciting opportunities as well as experiences. There are opportunities to join the student council and also opportunities to represent the school as a form captain or on one of the school’s sports teams. The school is diverse and allows students to experience different cultures through trips abroad to Rome and China.

Our school has a large variety of subjects ranging from Drama to Psychology. Students are able to experience all these subjects at Stretford High and have the option to further their knowledge by picking the subjects for GCSEs. The school has fully equipped science labs and a brand new sports centre available for students to use.

The teachers are kind, hard working and help. They motivate students to be their best and each lesson is creative, fun and engaging. They are always there for students to help them with work as are mentors for students. In year 11, teachers are there for students to help them achieve to the best of their ability and to support them in regards to their future. They help students explore their options as well as helping them write college applications.

One of my favourite things about Stretford High is “Everything Else”. This is a subject that all students do. During lessons students are able to learn vital skills and discuss current events.  During my Everything Else lessons I was able to receive first aid training and discuss current events such as elections. I believe these skills are essential for all students to have and I am grateful to be afforded the opportunity.

I believe Stretford High School is unique in the sense that it has allowed me to have a well-rounded education. The teachers have gone above and beyond to allow me the best chance of success in my GCSEs and the school has given me the belief that I can succeed in college and eventually go to university. I am thankful for the opportunities and memories that Stretford High has given me.