PE & Dance

PE & Dance and COVID 19

During lockdown your child was directed towards a range of exercise options and a series of challenges that were designed to support their well-being during such a difficult time. As a result, we missed out on experiencing a range of sports in more depth and in KS3 students didn’t experience the introductions to Physical Training, Sports Psychology and Anatomy and Physiology.

With everything being considered over recent months the PE Department made the decision to focus on individual fitness, workouts and providing a range of sports practiced in a COVID safe environment. With students being inactive for such a long period we want to provide opportunities to learn how to exercise independently and use these tools at home.

In KS4 we know that gaps are created naturally because of the inability to practice examined sports and also missing out on time to teach theory units. As we follow the AQA specification for GCSE PE, it has been announced that the assessed sports have been cut to only 2 sports and they can be either team based or individual sports. This allowed us to devote more time to theory units and also deliver some classroom lessons in a practical setting. With regards to the OCR course, we have been advised to continue with the compulsory units and any changes that will be made to additional units will be communicated in the coming weeks. Any student who takes BTEC Dance will now have to provide dances of a shorter duration with less evidence having to be submitted. The written element will still stay the same but the shorter dances should allow time for this.

How can I support my child?

  • > Ensure they complete all homework tasks
  • > Ensure they exercise at home for pleasure, ideally three times a week for a minimum of twenty minutes per time
  • > For KS4 examination subjects you can support with coursework completion and the setting of an independent revision timetable
  • > Contact us – all staff are available to contact via email – just ask. Any questions or concerns you have we’re here for you and happy to help!


Welcome to the PE Department
We pride ourselves on our departments’ ethos which is to build students’ skill and confidence in all areas of Physical Education. We aim to provide a linear curriculum which enables all students to maximise learning and progress for all year 7 to year 11 students. It allows students to start to learn aspects of the GCSE and OCR syllabus and enables a smoother transition onto the GSCE or OCR pathway.

Meet the PE Department
The department team consists of nine members of staff. These are:

Mr M FieldingHead of Department
Mrs P BaileyDeputy Head of Department
Mr J AdekoyaTeacher of PE
Mr M RichardsonHead of year 7
Miss K GordonHead of Dance
Miss L BaileyTeacher of PE
Mr C McPhilbinPE Technician

PE and Dance Overview

Key Stage 3

At Stretford High, students will participate in a variety of activities which are from the AQA GCSE Specification enabling them to start to learn the fundamental skills which will enable them to develop more advanced skills in Key Stage 4. They will also develop their theoretical knowledge of the key concepts within PE that encourage understanding of the background of sport and how to develop as a performer.

Stretford High students, alongside PE, will participate in Dance on fortnightly rotation;

Dance in KS3 includes exploring various techniques and skills in a range of styles.  Students identify characteristics of a good performance and apply their understanding to enhance their performance.  They develop their technical and expressive skills and use choreographic devices to produce creative outcomes. They have developed their ability to feedback information to their peers and to themselves to bring about improvements.  The focus within KS3 in Dance is about enjoyment and engagement as well as developing their technical ability.

Key Stage 4


Students will either follow the AQA GCSE Specification or the OCR Cambridge National Sport Science course.

The AQA GSCE PE course is 60% Theory and 40% Practical. The theory aspect of the course is split over two papers;

Paper 1 – The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.

Paper 2 – Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport.

The students are then assessed in their practical performance in physical activity and sport from a range of sports available on the specification.

The OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Sport Science equates to a GCSE; however is assessed through 4 units of work, including Injuries in Sport, Sport Psychology, The Body in Sport and Principles of Training in Sport.

Students following the OCR Sport Studies course will sit 1 exam worth 25% of their overall grade and submit coursework for the other 3 units.


Students will follow the Edexcel specification for this course.

Component 1- Exploring the Performing Arts

Component 2- Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts

Component 3- Responding to a Brief