Welcome to the Music Department

The music department is a very active place at Stretford High School with over 200 free music taking place each week with one of our specialist teachers supporting the music curriculum as well as numerous concerts and events taking place each year. Lessons are offered in:

  • > Guitar
  • > Bass 
  • > Drums
  • > Keyboard
  • > Vocals 

In music we recognise that each student will have had a very different experience at primary which is why classwork is centred on playing instruments and making music in years 7-9 with students developing the skills they need to take part in a series of concerts should they choose to take the music BTEC in year 10 and 11.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore other roles in the music industry by:

  • > Becoming a composer 
  • > Using music technology
  • > Setting up sound systems
  • > Becoming a session musician

There are also a range of bands and ensembles for students to join, this includes:

  • > Drumming group, playing drums as part of a group with Mr Bennett
  • > Choir, singing as part of a group and understanding harmony
  • > Pit band, working as a session musician to accompany shows and productions
  • > Composing with Mr Ball

Music is also open most lunch and break times for students to rehearse and make music with their friends.

Meet the Music Department 

Mr P RigbyMusic Teacher
Mr J PrestburyMusic Teacher
Mr P BennettDrum Teacher
Mrs K TurnerKeyboard Teacher
Miss E MottersheadVocal Teacher
Mr J BallGuitar Teacher
Mr A ForbesTechnician


Some of the music we record is made available on Soundcloud for all parents and students to listen to free of charge.
Current recordings include the key stage 3 hip hop project, where students used samples to create a backing track and then rapped over it.